Our goals for the better customer services

Stakeholders’ Engagement


Safeguarding our employees

  • Free Covid Vaccination for all staff
  • Work from home allowed
  • Covid care package for all employee
  • Safety measures in our office premises
  • No retrenchment
  • Continue to employ suitable staff in readiness for growth cycle
  • Staff growth program in progress


Ensuring that we continue to provide banking services for our customers

  • Keeping our branches and operating center open
  • ATM fully operational
  • Enhance hygiene in all our physical channels namely branch and ATMs
  • Helping our loans customers through moratoriums
  • Promote usage of digital channels
  • Continue to employ suitable staff in readiness for growth cycle


Helping the most in need during these covid time

  • INYA Covid Centre
  • Donations


Protecting our business during these time of vulnerability

  • Enhance corporate governance
  • People transformation
  • Business focus

AML/CFT and Risk Management

Full Compliance with Laws, Regulations, Directive and International Guidelines

  • Anti-Money Laundering Law, March 2014 & Anti-Money Laundering Rules, September 2015
  • Counter Terrorism Law, June 2014 &Counter Terrorism Rules, September 2015
  • Central Bank of Myanmar Directives (CDD), October 2015
  • Union Government Notification 24/2015, Mar 2014
  • The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury
  • The Financial Action Task Force (FATF 40 + 9 Recommendations)
  • Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering
  • Central Bank of Myanmar Guideline on Risk Management Practices of Banks, November 2020