Shwe Bank Point-of-Sale Service

Purpose of POS service

For businesses aiming to limit cash usage and enable card payments for their products or services, Shwe Bank Points of Sales (POS) is the preferred choice. 

Customer Eligibility 

  • Individuals 
  • Companies

Detail Description

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Type :
Currency :
Suitable for :
Shwe Bank's POS service is ideally suited for businesses in retail, hospitality and service sectors, who intend to offer secure, swift and convenient payment options to modern-day customers.
Settlement :
Transaction Day Plus One
Operating Instrument :
POS Machine
Initial Set up Fees :
Maintenance Fees :
Required Documents :
Application Form , Cover Letter with Company Letter Head, Meeting Minutes with Company Letter Head, Company License or DICA Registration Form, Company Extract, Copies of ID Cards ( NRC/Passport ) for only authorized signatory account holders, Letter of authorization with company letter head for third party inquiry balance, cheque collection, etc.