SHWE Cash Call Deposit Account

General Purpose of Account 

SHWE Cash Call is a special  call deposit account where you can make deposits and withdrawals at any time (cash only) at a higher than normal interest rate.

Product Feature

  • Interest-bearing account 
  • A great fit for daily transactions while receiving interest 
  • Can deposit at any time of the month and still eligible for interest 
  • Interest will be computed daily on the account’s day-end balance and credited monthly 
  • Can get ATM Card 

General Customer Eligibility 





Detail Description

Table Header Table Header
Type :
SHWE Cash Call Deposit Account
Currency :
Interest Rate :
  • MMK 10,000,000,000 and above = 9.25%
  • MMK 500,000,000 and below 10,000,000,000 = 8.50%
  • MMK 250,000,000 and below MMK 500,000,000 = 8.25%
  • Below MMK 250,000,000 = 8.00%
Operating Instrument :
  • SHWE Cash Call Deposit Passbook
  • MPU Card (For each customer)
Suitable for :
SHWE Cash Call deposit accounts are for both individuals and businesses who prefer to use the bank account for daily transactions with an attractive daily interest on the day end remaining balance. SHWE Cash Call Account deposit can be withdrawal at any time.
Minimum Amount for Opening :
MMK 10,000
Minimum Ongoing Balance :
MMK 1,000
Document Required for Company SHWE Cash Call Deposit Account Opening :
  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head
  • Meeting Minutes with Company Letter Head
  • Company License or DICA Registration Form
  • Company Extract
  • Copies of ID Cards (NRC/Passport) for only authorized signatory account holders
  • Letter of authorization with company letter head for third party inquiry balance, call passbook collection, etc.