Bonus Savings Account

General Purpose of Account 

Bonus Savings account is a secure interest bearing deposit account for individuals and joints who want to save money and earn bonus interest 1% p.a for 1 month average of saving amount over 1,000,000 MMK while leaving the option of withdrawal at any-time. 

Product Feature

  • Interest-bearing deposit account 
  • Earn Bonus interest 1% p.a on a month average amount over 1,000,000 MMK 
  • Good option for those who expect to get highest interest in savings 
  • Can deposit at any time of the month  
  • Interest will be computed and credited monthly 
  • Provide Debit Card for ATM access and merchant payments

General Customer Eligibility 



Detail Description

Table Header Table Header
Type :
Bonus Savings Account
Currency :
Interest Rate :
  • Average Balance Over 1,000,000 = 7% + Bonus 1%
  • Average Balance Under 1,000,000 = 7% Operating
Operating Instrument :
  • Bonus Saving Passbook
  • MPU Card will be provided for individual customer
Suitable for :
Get extra bonus for customers who want to save money
Minimum Amount for Opening :
MMK 100,000
Minimum Ongoing Balance :
MMK 50,000
Document Required for Company Bonus Savings Account Opening :
  • Application form
  • Copies of ID Cards (NRC/Passport) for only authorised signatory account holders