Savings Account

General Purpose of Account 

Saving account is a good option to save your money while enjoying an attractive monthly interest.

Product Feature

  • Interest-bearing account 
  • A good option for saving money 
  • Deposit within 1st to 5th days of every month will be eligible for interest 
  • Interest will be computed and credited monthly 
  • Provide Debit Card for ATM access and merchant payments 

General Customer Eligibility 






Detail Description

Table Header Table Header
Type :
Savings Account
Currency :
Interest Rate :
7% per annum
Operating Instrument :
  • Saving Passbook
  • MPU Card will be provided for individual customer
Suitable for :
Savings Accounts are for both businesses and individuals who have excess funds to save and enjoy the interest along with a guarantee for flexible withdrawal.
Minimum Amount for Opening :
MMK 1,000
Minimum Ongoing Balance :
MMK 1,000
Document Required for Company Savings Account Opening :
  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head
  • Meeting Minutes with Company Letter Head
  • Company License or DICA Registration Form
  • Company Extract
  • Copies of ID Cards (NRC/Passport) for only authorized signatory account holders
  • Letter of authorization with company letter head for third party inquiry balance, savings passbook collection, etc.