ATM Services

SHWE Bank offers a range of ATM services in Myanmar to provide convenient banking access to its customers. These services include: 

  1. Cash Withdrawal: Customers can use SHWE Bank ATMs to withdraw cash from their bank accounts at any time. The ATMs are available 24/7, allowing for quick and easy access to funds. 
  2. Balance Inquiry: Customers can check their account balances directly at SHWE Bank ATMs. This service provides an instant update on available funds, helping customers stay informed about their account status. 
  3. Funds Transfer: SHWE Bank ATMs enable customers to transfer funds between their own accounts or to other SHWE Bank accounts. This feature offers a convenient way to manage money and facilitate transactions without visiting a branch. 
  4. Mini Statements: Customers can request mini statements at SHWE Bank ATMs to view recent transactions and account activity. This service provides a snapshot of the account’s financial history, allowing customers to track their transactions on-the-go. 
  5. PIN Change: SHWE Bank ATMs allow customers to change their ATM PINs for added security. This service ensures that customers can personalize their PINs regularly to safeguard their accounts. 
  6. Mobile Top-up: SHWE Bank ATMs enable customers to top up their mobile phone credits. This service provides a convenient way to recharge mobile phone balances without the need for physical vouchers. 

These ATM services offered by SHWE Bank in Myanmar aim to enhance banking accessibility, convenience, and efficiency for customers, allowing them to perform essential banking transactions at their own convenience.