Payroll Service

Welcome to SHWE Bank Payroll Services!

SHWE Bank Payroll Service is a flawless salary distribution system diligently designed to streamline your business operations.

With SHWE Bank, a single instruction is all it takes. Your business can effortlessly communicate its salary payments through both traditional and electronic channels facilitated by SHWE Bank. 

We also make payroll simple for your employees by providing them various channels to withdraw cash or directly utilize funds at SHWE Bank Merchants via our user-friendly mobile and digital platforms. 

But that’s not all – as a progressive stride, we will extend the opportunity for various consumer loans to your employees to enhance their financial journey in the future. 

Join us at SHWE Bank Payroll Services as your trustworthy payroll partner. 

Our innovative and reliable salary payment channels promise a stress-free experience, leaving you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your salary payments and your employees’ financial well-being.