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About Shwe Eait

SHWE Eait is an advanced digital wallet application platform that can be utilized
for saving, money transfer, mobile phone top-up and other payments that can be
easily done instantaneously in the most secure way.

Shwe Eait Wallet App Supported Services

mobile banking

Mobile bill top up

Shwe Bank debit card holders can make a mobile top up at Shwe Bank’s ATM 24 hours a day.


Bill Payment

The remaining funds in the account can be checked 24 hours a day at the ATMs of Shwe Bank and ATMs of MPU member banks.

withdraw money

Send Money

The last five withdrawals can be viewed on the screen of the Shwe Bank ATM or printed as bills.

credit card

Request Money

Shwe Bank’s debit card holders will be able to change their debit card password at Shwe Bank’s ATM 24 hours a day.

transfer money

Cash In Cash Out

Transfers from accounts opened by Shwe banks (own accounts or other accounts) can be used for card number transfer , account number transfer. In addition, you can use interbank funds transfer (IBFT) in the new features of your debitcard.

Layer 10

QR Code Payment

Purchases can be made without cash in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, citymarts , etc. where MPU point-of-sale machines are installed.

Download App

All in one application for online payments

Download for free from the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. It’s easy to sign up within minutes and we encourage everyone to upgrade to Level-2 to get more features and functions.

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