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Letter of Credits

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General Customer Eligibility

  •  Individuals 
  • Joints 
  • Companies

Detail Description


Letter of Credit

Export Letter of Credit Advising

General Purpose

SHWE Bank offers letter of credit issuance services to you (Importer) to facilitate the payment to your supplier for the goods or services you purchased provided your oversea supplier meet the terms and conditions stated in the issued Letter of Credit.

SHWE Bank offers Letter of Credit advising service by ensuring the authenticity of the LC issued in your favour so that you can peacefully proceed trading with your counter party.

Our Trade Specialists will check the documents presented against the LC terms to ensure all documents are in line with the LC terms as required under the applicable UCP rules.


  • The most secured payment method as the payment will only be made upon the presented documents are complied with Letter of Credit terms and conditions
  • Same day issuance service when all required documents are presented.
  • Your export LC can be advised with authenticity
  • Our Trade Advisory team will help you understand the requirements in the LC
  • Our Trade Specialists will scrutinize the presented documents in order to comply with LC terms and conditions

Fees and Charges

  • LC issuing charges – 0.25% on LC amount per 3 months (Min USD 50)
  • LC extension or amount increment – 0.25% on amount per 3 months (Min USD 50)

  • LC other amendments – USD 40

  • LC cancellation – USD 30

  • Bill handling- bills under L/C – USD 50

  • SWIFT charges – USD 5
  • LC advising – USD 30
  • LC amendment advising – USD 25
  • LC cancellation – USD 25
  • Bill handling (under LC) – 0.25% on bill amount (Min USD 50)

Required Documents

  • Cover Letter with Company Letterhead
  • Completed LC application form
  • Sales contract
  • Proforma invoice
  • Import license (if any) issued by Ministry of Commerce
  • Cover letter (with company’s letter head) requesting release of Export LC.
  • The original copy of export license (if any)
  • Original Shipping Documents stated in the export LC (e.g Commercial, Financial, Transport, Official and Insurance documents)