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Fixed Deposit Account

Secure your savings at SHWE Bank to help you reach your goals in the most secured way.

General Purpose of Account

Fixed deposit account is a smart choice of investing your money for a long term.

Product Feature

  • Interest-bearing account 
  • A smart choice for long investment ·
  • Can deposit anytime and withdrawal is only allowed at the end of the particular period .
  • Can be automatic renewal at the maturity date · For premature withdrawal/early termination, interest will be calculated with nearest quarter’s saving interest rate.

General Customer Eligibility

  • Individuals 
  • Joints 
  • Companies

Detail Description


Fixed Deposit Account



Interest Rate

Interest Rate (per annum) 

  • 1 Month = 7.25% 
  • 3 Months = 7.50% 
  • 6 Months = 7.75% 
  • 9 Months = 8.00% 
  • 12 Months = 8.25%

Operating Instrument

Fixed Deposit Passbook

Suitable For

Fixed deposit accounts are for both individuals and businesses who desire to invest money over a certain period with a return of maximum highest interest.

Minimum Amount for Opening

MMK 50,000

Minimum Ongoing Balance


Document Required for Company Fixed Deposit Account Opening

  • Application Form 
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head 
  • Meeting Minutes with Company Letter Head 
  • Company License or DICA Registration Form 
  • Company Extract 
  • Copies of ID Cards (NRC/Passport) for only authorized signatory account holders 
  • Letter of authorization with company letter head for third party inquiry balance, fixed passbook collection, etc.

Interest Rates and Fees

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