Human Resource Training

The rebranding process of SB has started with CBM’s approval of the new logo. The rebranding process encompasses new products; improved customer service; new user – friendly website; new marketing approaches to align with our valued customers’ needs, wants and expectations.

Time Management Training

This course introduces time management tools and techniques that allow participants to manage their time more effectively and feel more in control. The training also enables participants to identify areas of their job where time could be better utilized and the actions necessary to alleviate problems identified.

Email Etiquette Training

This course is creating an email address, understand use of email in a professional environment, and learn proper email etiquette for the workplace.
Understand rules of effective writing, General Email Etiquette and Understand send a Professional Email.

Emergency Preparedness Training

To provide a safe and secure working environment by using a thorough security system including access control systems, CCTVs, keycards, clean
workstations, and emergency exits, training the employees about security procedures. This Level of War-inflicted emergency is predicated on a realistic
approach to the problems likely to be encountered during a major war or any disaster to be encountered in the city area where Shwe Bank Head Office or
branches locate.

Workplace Ethics Training

This course discusses the importance of having a workplace code of ethics—a code of conduct that is expected and required of all employees. Participants
will have the chance to evaluate their own ethical beliefs and discuss how to take a more ethical approach back at the workplace. The course is designed for
those who wish to develop soft skills including, attitude, attendance, character development, responsibility, and choice in which will enhance and let the
learners gain a strong work ethic.

Effective Sales Training

This course is designed for Introduce the systematic ways of Sales. How to cross-sell and to master Product Knowledge.

Team Building Training

This training is designed for Networking, socializing, and getting to know each other better. Teamwork and boosting team performance, Celebration, team
spirit, fun, and motivation Collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity Enhance Bank culture and Communication and working better together.

Effective Presentation Skills

This course will give helpful tips and practical activities for making an effective presentation and delivering them well. Participants will learn how to organize a
presentation, how to make it memorable, and how to communicate clearly for any type of presentations especially sales etc.

Sales Ethics Training

To conduct training regarding sales ethics of the “Sales Unit” under Sales, Marketing & Channels Management Section.